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Spot welding unit – GYSPOT BP-s7 - SPC00222


Spot welding unit using Inverter technology, liquid cooling, enabling welding for all types of steel HLE, THLE, USIBOR up to 3+3+3 mm. 

User-friendly device fitted with telescopic bracket.


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The GYSPOT BP station can be equipped with a high-clamping C-clamp (550 daN at 8 bar) and a high-clamping X-clamp (550 daN at 8 bar). It delivers a maximum current of 13000A.

These devices comply with directive 2004/40/CE.

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Dimensions (excluding arm): 65 X 80 X 122

Net weight: 180 KG

Length of the cables between the machine and the clamp: 2 m 50

RMS welding current: 13,000 A

Tightening torque at electrodes: 550 daN at 8 bar

Cooling: Liquid

Type of clamp: C and X

Number of electrodes: 1 at C-clamp and 1 at X-clamp

 Power supply:

Voltage: 400V

Frequency: 50 Hz

Protection: 32A (curve D)



  • Set of C arms: ref. 019126
  • Set of X arms: ref. 018785
  • 2 x 220mm copper arms: ref. 050587
  • Lubricant tube: ref. 050400
  • Peel kit for checking mechanical strength of spots (CAR 1779: 77 11 381 779)


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- Warranty period: 1 year, parts and labour,

- Handover and training provided by our partner.

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- Ongoing compensation to guarantee spot welds

- Automatic regulation of the clamping force.

- Constant and guaranteed effort regardless of arm size

- Adjustment of the machine offset on the gripper

- Integrated pre-settings

- Memorization of welding parameters

- Traceability recording.

- Quality control: Archiving of the characteristics of the soldering points made on SD card.

Man-Machine Interface:

- user-friendly: quick reading of settings on screen 6

- easy to programme: 2 settings to select (thickness and type of steel)

- save user welding settings

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  • Renault Homologation Number: 1 095 800

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