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Mouvex, Planning, Chargement.


Management tools proposed are adapted to the business according to the workforce and the activity.


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1- Schedule Table 6 lines:
• Organization of vehicle exits to repair the workshop.
• 6 chutes for storing the files according to the exit of the vehicle.

2- Loading Table 12 lines:
• The loading table provides a living reflection of the workshop activity, allows for the management and planning of journeymen work.
• It is designed to quickly and easily translate any event occurring in the unit and adapt accordingly.
• 12 chutes for worksheets or folders folded in four.
• 3 lines are reserved for files waiting for control, various expectations or customer agreement.

3- Mouvex:
• It makes it possible to plan and chain all the work on all the vehicles treated in the unit, and thus to respect the deadlines announced. It highlights the vehicles in expectation, to make it possible to ensure a more effective follow-up.
• The indexes allow to visualize by color and to position in time the vehicle.

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1- Planning Table:
• gray epoxy sheet 7042.
• 6 chutes with time tracking strips.
• width: 1,25m, height: 0,85m, thickness: 80mm.

2- Loading Table:
• gray epoxy sheet 7042.

12 chutes.
• Width: 1,30m, height: 0,70m, thickness: 50mm.

3- Mouvex:
• 7042 gray epoxy sheet inclined receiving 50 PVC flaps.
• 50 x 4 index, time / day / week marker strip.
• Dim: 0.60 x 0.65m, height 0.50.

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• 1 year warranty

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