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Exhaust Hose Reel


Exhaust gas extraction on Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles.

This equipment is compatible with common every day workshop usage. For specific operations such as FAP regeneration please contact us.


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Compact 865 S series compact drum with fan and tip comprising:

Mounting material on wall or ceiling mount

Flange made of composite material

Drum safety lock

New Patented Recall System

Steel hose connection pipe

Spring tension by means of a wrench

A mechanical winder equipped with 5 m of hose resistant to 250 ° C

A rubber funnel with borehole and spring flap

Centrifugal fan with thermal on / off switch

Supplied with user manual

Complies with CE standard

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Weight: 45 kg

Power Supply Voltage: 220/380 V + Tri

Power: 0.55 kW type N16 with flange

Flexible diameter: 100 mm

Funnel diameter: 150 mm

Fan outlet diameter: 160 mm

Fan flow rate: 1600 m3 / h

Fan Depression: 110 mm / CE

Sound level: 63 db (A)



• NRCP anti-crushing pipe

• Integrated flap

• Centralized network installation


Type of pipe

The available pipes are mainly of the following types:

• NRCP anti-crushing which stands at 230-250 ° C peak,
• NTP at 170 ° C peak
Kits double exhaust
They are available under the ref. KD75-100

They can be equipped with nozzles, nipple tips or universal nozzles for recessed exhausts pipes.

FAP regeneration

The proposed hoses correspond to a common and conventional idling in the garages.
It is possible to put high temperature hoses 300 ° C and more.

Warning! With FAP exhaust pipes, it is not possible to use the current extraction systems in view of the generated temperatures.

If the regeneration operation is carried out internally, it is possible to use a high temperature resistant mobile extraction system.

The capture is done by a stainless steel hood placed on a support adjustable in height. It is important that the hood does not touch the bumper so that it will not melt.

A sheath of 650 ° C is sucked

A sheath of 300 ° C duct for discharge to the exterior of the building

Connecting the fan 200 ° C to a mono socket

Handling with special high heat gloves that cannot catch fire and to be protected from burns.

Detail of the FAP regeneration kit can be requested upon a quotation:

1.Mobile ventilator 220V single-phase
2.Head for testing in stainless steel
3.NFC hose for hood
4.NFC hose for delivery
5.Collector catch 200 mm
6.Engine on / off with protection and Euro cable

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Warranty period: 1 year for parts and labor

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Ergonomic solution for not having pipes on the ground

Easy handling

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