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Digital Electronic Pressure Brake Bleeder (6 litre)

Digital Electronic Pressure Brake Bleeder (6 litre)


  • Fast; full fluid change can be completed by a single operator in around 15 minutes, suitable for cars, LCV & HGV clutches
  • Efficient; pressure bleeding is the only method approved by brake fluid manufacturers
  • Versatile; fluid can be changed as well as bled
  • Easy; operates off 12volt supply - cars own battery so allows use outside of workshop
  • Fit for purpose; stainless steel construction & heavy duty pump
  • Safe; no compressed air used, therefore no possibility of contamination of the fluid
  • Adjustable, electronic pressure control valve, 0.5 to 4 bar, via digital keypad
  • Constant pressure maintained via electronic control system
  • Visible fluid level, with auto shut-off at minimum level, to ensure air cannot enter the system
  • Waste fluid bottle with attaching chain, plus storage tray for tools & components
  • ABS compatible
  • Supplied with ALB30564B Master Cap Adapter Kit (includes ALB592B patented multi-vehicle cap)
  • UK Manufactured

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  • Manufacturer Part No: ALB585REN
  • Renault Homologation Number: 102503001

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