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Mini straightening bench with traction angle bracket

  • Lift table + Electrohydraulic straightening bench for bodywork raising with support block

  • Raising with platforms for wheels (optional)

  • The lift table + straightening bench  can be used for disassembly, straightening and other operations with a vehicle raised at different heights

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Scissor lift table and electrohydraulic control console triggered by remote control, telescopic raising  arms, 8 raising support blocks, 6 metre connecting hose between the lift table and the control con­ sole, fitted with double horizontal rotation traction arm complete with hydropneumatic pump,  jack, chain, roller for downwards traction, mechanical lowering stop device, n. 4 FL08 adjustable clamps with rod complete with tubular supports for fixing the clamps to the lifting plane.

Available options:

Wheel lift platforms.

JO.RUB Height-adjustable  blocks.

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  • Usable height 1,640 mm (on double pad).
  • Minimum height 100/105 MM.
  • Maximum bearing face 3500 KG (with support pad)
  • Maximum bearing face with raising platforms on wheels 2600 KG.
  • Maximum wheelbase with raising platforms on wheels 3200 MM.

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3 year warranty for the provision of any faulty parts.

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Lift table + straightening bench using international patent FI-TIM in the inclined surface device to help with the first raising section, with a bearing face of 3500 kg

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