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Pointer Inverter 400v 3PH+GROUND 12500A water cooled complete with trolley + spotter + accessories + hammer.

Complete with "X" and "C" arms.

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The 12500A INERTER pointer is a machine designed for demanding coachbuilders that have to use it for long periods of time.

The water cooling of the machine, clamp arms reduces the overheating of the equipment, maintaining the functions performance constants from first to last point. The control panel, easy and intuitive, managed completely with symbols allows you to manage all the functions of the machine in in a simple and intuitive way.

The range of clamps, "x" and "C" shaped, combined with a wide choice of cooled arms, offers the best solution for every bodybuilder, even the most demanding.

The function of the rocker arm combined with that of the clamp ring, offers maximum freedom of movement and rotation around the parts.

The machine is also equipped with a spotter gun for single-point welding of the sheet metal and consumable box for nails, washers, screws, rivets, heater sheet metal, print out of machining data and air puller connection.

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Supply voltage V 3x400

Rated power at 50% kVA 25

Secondary short circuit current kA 11.5

Max. secondary welding current kA 11.5

Rated frequency Hz 1500

No-load secondary voltage V 17

Frequency Inverter Hz 1500

Delayed fuses A 32

Cooling with water tank It 23

Dimensions mm 760x640x1000

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- Warranty 12 months

- Training and installation on request

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The machine belongs to the family of resistance welding machines.

By resistance welding we mean an autogenous welding, obtained with pressure, without material contribution, using the heating the thermal effect of the electric current through the components to be welded (Joule effect). The components to be soldered are tightened between two electrodes with a dual purpose: to allow the electric current to pass through, and exert the necessary force to weld. The current intensity, the electrode force and the welding time, are therefore the most important parameters for a welding operation. The force will have to be applied during the electrodes, welding time and holding time.The welding cycle phases are managed by the welding control. The welding machine's ignition device is the main switch which also has the emergency stop function. The welding cycle start device is the lower button on the clamp handle or the toggle switch (trigger) the studder gun. By acting on the pressure regulator you set the clamping force of the pneumatic clamp. On the rear is the compressed air filter. The welding machine is equipped with safety thermostats to inhibit the operation, in the case of overheating.

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  • Manufacturer Part No: 90PUNTPI12
  • Renault Homologation Number: 107474001

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