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MIG/MAG welding unit

  • Triphase or single-phase welding unit perfect for welding steel, copper, stainless steel and aluminium.
  • T3GYS and M3GYS has some innovative settings, with automatic wire speed adaptation and the use of 3 torches that can be used with no disas­ sembly required.
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Suitable for body repair, these stations are innovative in their simplicity of use. In fact, the operator no longer has to adjust the wire speed, which is done automatically.

These stations are ideal for the use of CuSi 3, CuAI8, Alu AG5, AISi 5 and AISi 12 (aluminium automotive wires).

They are equipped with a stand for storing the torches.


The T3GYS AUTO product is available in DV (Dual Voltage) version for use both on 230V three-phase and 400V three-phase networks.


These stations are similar to the T3GYS Auto and M3GYS Auto stations, but they are equipped with a single torch.

The spool gun is an available option: ref. 041486.


T1GYS AUTO is available in DV (Dual Voltage) version for use on 230V three-phase networks as well as on 400V three-phase networks.


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Three-phase or single-phase welding stations, ideal for welding steel, Cupro, stainless steel and aluminium.

The T3GYS and M3GYS welding machines are innovative in their settings with an automatic adaptation of the wire speed and by the adoption of 3 torches that can be used without dismantling.

  • T3GYS AUTO et T1GYS AUTO :  3x400V power supply
  • T3GYS AUTO DV et T1GYS AUTO DV : 3x400V ou 3x230V power supply
  • M3GYS AUTO et M1GYS AUTO : 1x230V power supply
  • Frequency : 50Hz
  • Coil diameter : 200mm ou 300mm
  • Wire diameter : 0,6- 0,8- 1mm
  • Double reel - 4 rollers 
  • Possibles wires : Acier,  CuSi 3, CuAI 8, Alu AG5, AISi 5/AISi 12
  • Spool gun connection
  • Voltage range : 16 à 30V
  • Number of voltage settings : 7 pour T1/T3GYS, 6 pour M1/M3GYS.
  • Duty cycle: 150A@25% pour T1/T3GYS, 140A@15% pour M1/M3GYS.

Option :

Pressure gauge / flowmeter 30 litres/min : Ref 041622

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- Warranty : 1 year parts and labor


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  • Station ideally suited for bodywork repair.

  • We like its simplicity of use and adjustment.
  • The 3 original torches permanently connected to the T3GYS AUTO and M3GYS AUTO products make them always ready to weld, whatever the type of welding.

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