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LPG tank purge flare


 Combustion purge of the LPG in the vehicle tank


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304 L stainless steel flare with vaporisation coil and support frame:

  •  Vaporisation coil
  • Supply pipe and tap
  • Permanent pilot flame HP/GN No.OOO

Pilot flame circuit

  • 37 mBar expansion valve
  • G1/4 hose, 5 metres long with RBE03 self-sealing connector
  • Twiny


Nitrogen circuit:

  • CLHP 0-12 Bar expansion valve
  • G1/4 hose, 2 metres long with RBE06 self-sealing connector
  • Special nitrogen connector, to be fitted to the LPG tank filling opening


LPG tank circuit:

  • G3/8' hose, 0.5 metres long, with LPG tank connection end piece
  • Flow control valve with LPG circulation indicator
  • G3/8 hose, 8 metres long, with RBE08 self-sealing connector

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  • Length: 350 mm
  • Width: 180 mm
  • Height: 330 mm



  • Flare only: 4 kg
  • Fittings only: 5 kg


Average flow:

  • LPG: 200 kg/hour

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In the case of a fault, the equipment will be dispatched to our work­ shops and will be the subject of an assessment estimate.

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 The LPG natural gas purge flare is the equipment recommended for ensuring that vehicle tanks using this kind of fuel are properly purged.

 This equipment should be used after reading the Repair Manual

 The personnel using this equipment must have received specific train­ing on petrol/gas dual fuel systems.

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