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GYS 650 Standalone Starter


Instant starting for commercial and passenger vehicles fitted with 12 Volt batteries


•This standalone starter has an integrated high-tech battery

•Using an integrated charger, it can be directly connected to the mains after use and automatically recharged without need for sur­ veillance, or even be permanently connected

•Internal battery recharged 100% thanks to the Floating Process (WUoU curve)

•If required, it can guarantee the back-up of the vehicle's onboard memory, via the cigarette lighter socket

•Battery isolation and an audible warning protect it against polarity inversions

•It can also act as a 12 V power supply up to a limit of 150 W

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•Voltage: 12 Volts

•High-tech "HAWKER" battery with very low loss of charge, for ten times the power

•Performance at start-up:◦600 A (2 starts)

◦350 A(12 starts)

◦250 A (32 starts)


•3 indicator lights give an immediate indication of the status of the internal battery

•Cables: 25 mni'- Width 2 x 1.80m

•Insulated clamps

•Dimensions: 23 x 35 x 35 cm

•Weight: 13 kg

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Duration of the warranty: 1 year

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Equipment suitable for inclusion on a repair vehicle.

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  • Manufacturer Part No: 25554
  • Renault Homologation Number: N/A

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