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Fronius Battery charger adapted for showroom vehicles


The Acctiva Seller is the answer to discharged vehicle batteries during showroom presentations.

Specially developed software eliminates charge and discharge cycles, thereby protecting the starter battery.

A 30 A output guarantees a reliable power supply during vehicle presentations and when handing over new cars to customers.

The device works perfectly due to its user-friendliness and compact design.


For charging and charge conservation of all lead starter batteries (lead acid, lead calcium, Ca/Ca, lead silver, gel, maintenance-free, EFB, MF, hybrid) and for powering the vehicle.

Power supply based on Active Inverter Technology. Specially developed software combines the benefits of a IUoU characteristic and an external power supply mode in order to charge the battery as gently as possible. This technology eliminates charge and discharge cycles in a starter battery, thereby preserving the battery capacity.

100% safe for the vehicle, vehicle electronics and battery due to electronic safety, short-circuit protection, electronic reverse polarity protection, safety cut-out and thermal overload protection.

Compact design allows the power supply to be hidden away out of sight either underneath the car or in the engine compartment.

Fanless design allows the chargers to supply power and charge batteries quietly in the showroom.

Plug-in charger leads & mains cables. Cables can be fed to the battery or the Acctiva Seller through the smallest openings in the engine compartment or the boot.

Edge guard makes the device slip-proof and prevents paint damage and dents on the vehicle.

The special housing design allows a T-locking system to be used (e.g. Kensington lock) to provide the best level of protection against theft.

Plug & Charge function makes it easy to use.

Energy efficient - the device has a degree of efficiency of 96%.

Applications Area

During vehicle presentations in showrooms and vehicle premieres as well as when handing over cars, motorcycles, caravans and agricultural machinery to customers

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Charging current 30 A

Battery voltage 12 V

Mains voltage +/- 15 % 230 V (50/60 Hz)

Charging characteristic Power supply IUoU phase/standby mode phase

Degree of protection IP40 (horizontal)/IP 44 (vertical)

Dimensions (L x W x H) 270 x 168 x 100 mm

Weight 2.4 kg

Mark of conformity CE

Mains fuse 16 A EMC emission class B

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Warranty period: 2 years parts and labour

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  • Developed for the showroom
  • High-performance power supply
  • Intelligent, constant conservation charging
  • Attractive, compact design
  • Edge guard prevents scratches
  • Fanless - silent

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  • Manufacturer Part No: ACCTIVA SELLER
  • Renault Homologation Number: 1 097 100

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