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Flexible pick-up tool


To be ordered from Renault MPR only. Reference : 77 11 382 900

4 prong steel retractable claw. Flexible steel stem with a spring loaded plunger to open and close jaws.

Ideal to quickly insert battery chargers cables through all Renault/Dacia engines.

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Users must first attach the charger connection end of the cable to the claws, adjusting claws opening to the cable thickness via the plastic handle if necessary

Once the cable well gripped and secured to the tool, it should be inserted through the engines from engine top to the floor. Renault vehicles are often equipped with a small compartment located near the front bumper for this type of operation

Cable + et – must then be connected to the battery

The battery connection end of the cable can be connected to the charger placed under the vehicle.

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  • Length of action : 36" in. / 900 mm
  • Overall Depth: 20 mm
  • Overall Length : 930 mm
  • Overall Weight : 0.12kg
  • Overall Width 65 mm

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  • Manufacturer Part No: KEN5184840K
  • Renault Homologation Number: 7711382900

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