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Zinc Electroplating Kit


For vehicles body protection after bodyshop repairs. Very important procedure recommended in Renault Repair Methods.


The agents of corrosion are air and water. If atmosphere or water contain sodium chloride ( road salt, marine air, pollution,..) the oxidizing process is accelerated.

This process can be stopped if an appropriate protection is used.

Beside paint, the most widely used element is zinc. Zinc metal is highly resistant to corrosion and to the action of atmospheric corrosive agents. Zinc has been the first choice for the protection of car body components.

Zinc Electroplating is a wet electrolytic process with deposition of metallic ions of Zinc under the effect of electrical current. Galvanising and electroplating are carried out before the stamping of the steel sheets.

A damaged car body PRE-PROTECTED by ZINC, will get covered by ZINC SALTS when exposed to air, SLOWING DOWN the speed of COR­ROSION.


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Zinc electroplating kit ref. 214002 includes:

  • Current generator with automatic adjustment (1)
  • Carry stamp AX (2)
  • Carry stamp RSE.E (3)
  • 2 anodes X13L (4)
  • 1 anode RE100P (5)
  • 2 electrical connection cords (6)
  • 1 plastic tray (7)
  • 1 Pair of goggles (8)


Thickness of 6 to 10 micron of Zinc over 8 dni'

Refill Kit ref. 214000

Delivered in a box of 12 kits, each kit contains a touch up quantity allowing to deposit 10 1-Jm of Zinc sur 8 dm2:

  • 1 x 125 ml Zin N solution
  • 1 bonnet no 13
  • 1 bonnet no 1
  • 1 paire of protection gloves



Supporting Trolley- Ref. 214700


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