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Digital Angle Gauge


This Digital Angle Gauge attaches to the handle of any standard ratchet, wrench or breaker bar and allows you to measure the anglular rotation as the tool is used.

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Digital Angle Gauge allows the user to quickly, easily, and accurately measure angular rotation for torque-to-yield / torque-turn applications (like Cylinder Head Bolts).

Utilizing a V-Channel and magnets, it quickly attaches to the handle of any standard ratchet, wrench, or breaker bar.Works on any size drive (1/4”, 3/8”, ½”, ¾” and 1”).Built-in feature allows the user to keep track of angular rotation even when used on a ratchet.

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  • Measures angular rotation with an accuracy of +/- 2%.
  • Large backlit digital display shows current angle.
  • Intuitive design makes operations simple.
  • LEDs and digital display provide visual feedback.
  • Audible feedback when Target Angle is reached.
  • Low battery indicator.

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1 Year from date of purchase.

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For applications that have fasteners that require an angular rotation (for example: a Cylinder Head Bolt that has a Torque Spec of 20 Nm, then rotate 200 degrees). Our Digital Angle Gauge gives the user a quick, easy, and accurate way of measuring this rotation.

  • Users have saved over 1.5 minutes per fastener when using a Digital Angle Gauge as opposed to a manual version (multiplied over multiple fasteners it can save a significant amount of time).
  • Can be used on any size fastener, on any size ratchet, wrench, or breaker bar.

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